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Primal Architects team

Primal Architects Team

Kyle’s affinity for the outdoors was evident from his earliest days, growing up amidst the lush landscapes of Missouri. Summers were spent venturing into the woods near his home, where he and whomever he could convince to join him would strike out to build makeshift structures with whatever materials could be found. Stacking cardboard boxes, nailing old plywood scraps and other leftovers into these “forts,” as they were called. The Boy Scouts offered many more opportunities to hone his outdoor skills as he grew older. He longed for nights around a campfire under the stars, and camping was always a delight.

After high school, Kyle left home to attend college in Salt Lake City, Utah, to study Biology. While there, he had many friends with whom to adventure outdoors – climbing, backpacking, and camping. The state’s Uinta Mountains became a second home for him. After a time, he grew dissatisfied with his studies. With encouragement from a friend, Kyle ventured into an introductory architecture class, where he discovered an immediate and profound connection to the discipline. He later returned to the Midwest to earn a B.S. in Architectural Studies from Southern Illinois University.

When Kyle returned to the Uinta Mountains to backpack up to King’s Peak, he stopped to rest on a boulder in a meadow just above the treeline, and a thought occurred to him: “What if architecture was right here?” All the modern comforts, in perfect rhythm with the landscape, not to be obtrusive, disguised even, and fused in a thoughtful dance with nature. Epitomizing the primal drive, we all have to throw it all away and seek solace in the wildlands. Bundled in a tent that night, he sketched “The Hiker’s Cabin.”

Upon graduating, Kyle escaped to the West again and began his graduate studies at the University of New Mexico. Between rigorous studio classes and a hectic work schedule, he explored the beautiful mountains of New Mexico, plodding along the ancient footpaths of the Sangre de Cristo range and climbing the rock faces above the city. There, he was able to train and hone the theories that would eventually lead to Primal Architects.

Kyle’s founding of Primal Architects marks the culmination of his journey, embodying his commitment to creating spaces that resonate with the spirit of nature. Specializing in cabins, micro-resorts, glamping sites, and vacation rentals, Kyle invites you to experience architecture that enriches our connection to the world around us, fostering a legacy of resiliency and beauty for the future.

Primal Architects team

Figure 1 : “The Hikers Cabin” Sketched on the Henry’s Fork Trail near Henry’s Fork Lake at approx. 10,859ft in June 2017. The A-frame cabin complements the natural geometry of the Ponderosa pine found in the area and is perched on granite boulders. At 400sqft a signature feature of the plan is the “gear drop” just inside the entry door. Which offers outdoor users a place to organize and store their gear before entering the rest of the cabin.