Primal Architects

Reimagining Retreat

Reimagining Retreat

In the heart of untouched wilderness, a lone wanderer walks along a rugged path, immersed in the beauty of the natural world. They follow a meandering trail that leads them to the bank of a stream, where tall grasses sway in rhythm. Here, they quench their thirst with the pure water and find rest on the soft grasses.

Yet, as the relentless sun beats down, its scorching rays compel them to seek refuge from its unrelenting heat. They retreat into a forest canopy, a masterpiece crafted by nature’s own hand. For a time, this leafy sanctuary offers protection, until an unexpected afternoon squall pours rain through the forest’s delicate roof, leaving the wanderer soaked and shivering.

Desperate for shelter, they retreat to a nearby cave. Dry as it may be, they soon find the cave’s air to be too stale and lifeless, prompting the need for proper ventilation and the realization that a more suitable shelter is needed.

Determination ignites within them, and they set out with purpose, gathering materials from the surrounding wilderness. Four sturdy tree trunks rise, standing tall to mark the corners of a rectangular structure. Atop each of these, four more logs are meticulously placed at precise angles. A fifth trunk spans the length of this structure, forming a central ridge, tying the ends together. Mirroring the principles of balance and harmony. Below that walls are formed with openings to allow air and light to penetrate the newly formed space. A door is fashioned, where one may enter to find security and peace.

At Primal Architects, we are focused on connecting people to the landscape, generating architectural forms that ignite within us the primal narrative of our inner wanderer. In modern times, we are often lost in the humdrum that exists between spaces—the crowded streets and urban centers that ensnare us. That is why we all seek solace.

We find retreat in all types of places and in many forms: the quiet park bench beneath the songbirds, the fountain gurgling in the office plaza, or the rustling leaves in the neighbor’s front yard, now spilling into ours. Yet, for many of us, the true essence of retreat is found in that weekend escape to the wildlands—the places that remain untouched and quiet.

Therein lies the conundrum: if the wildlands are our ultimate retreat, how then do we design architecture that respects this serenity while providing the crucial creature comforts that sustain our sanity? Our inspiration stems from our own backcountry travels, recognizing four basic needs that define our inner primal selves: light, air, water, and warmth.

From these essentials, we deconstruct what truly enriches your life. Enjoy reading in the rain? Perhaps a tin roof is what you need. Love waking up with the sun on your face? A dwelling oriented towards the eastern horizon might just bring a smile to your mornings. These acts remind us of who we are and where we are, providing the warm and rejuvenating feeling of retreat.

Primal Architects ventures where most do not—the deep, technical aspects of design. We delve into the rabbit hole so that you do not have to. We conduct thoughtful sun angles, view analysis, wind maps and other studies through our discovery phase. Explore options with digital tools during the create phase. Conduct thorough market and material research while we craft technical documents in the planning phase. All of this is to ensure we deliver projects of the highest quality and on budget so that you can find your retreat.

Please join us as we reimagine the art of living on earth.